Strategic Planning Capabilities

Strategic Planning

strategic planning

Strategic plans or improvement plans have been widely accepted as a process by which an organization can identify needs, plan for implementation and measure success.  Strategic planning processes can be time consuming and difficult.  Most organizations exist in a fast-paced and politically-charged environment.  Having neutral facilitation enables the process to be more valid and creates a safe environment for open conversation.


With my educational background and technical abilities, I can offer process and facilitation expertise.  I understand the strategic planning process and accreditation demands.

Needs Assessments
I have the experience and expertise to develop, deploy and analyze training needs assessments and subsequently make recommendations for both short-term and long-term training.
Goal Setting
Through either (or both) face-to-face or online forums, I can facilitate the goal-setting process through a shared decision-making process.  It is especially beneficial to have a neutral facilitator when there are strong personalities and opinions involved. 
Action Plan Development (using Logic Models)
I utilize logic model formats that delineate not only what action will be taken and what  people/resources will be needed, but will offer an evaluation analytic which will specify how success will be determined in measurable, research-capable terms. 
Strategic Plan Writing
I can provide templates for various types of strategic plan models, incorporating the action plans, descriptors, a glossary of terms and a searchable index.

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