Professional Development

Capability to develop and offer all types of training! Capability to manage Learning Management Systems for compliance tracking.

Strategic Planning

Using a logic model and a clear stakeholder input process, I have the capability to help your organization update an existing strategic plan or start from scratch. 

Knowledge Management

Capability in developing and managing PLC's, SOP's, digital resource catalogs and a KSA matrix

Quality Assurance & Alignment

Capability to develop a quality assurance and alignment assessment tool to determine the extent to which employees, processes, and programs are aligning with the strategic plan.


Hello and Welcome to Dr. Nancy Hartman’s portfolio!

I utilize Knowledge Management processes and efficiency principles to provide the information, resources, services and training to assist organizations in creating a more organized, positive and successful learning environment. The ultimate goal is to get the right information, knowledge and resources to the right people at the right time, the first time, while minimizing waste and being open to change.

I am an effective program leader and manager with experience in leading team members to complete high-quality deliverables in a fast-paced and politically-charged environments.  I offer your organization three professionals in one!

  1. Professional Development Specialist – I have 20+ years of experience in training professionals, master trainers and educators. I excel at effectively and efficiently leading teams and SMEs to develop both face-to-face learning and elearning opportunities.
  2. Librarian (Resource Management Specialist) – I have the expertise to create a digital resource library in which any stakeholder (employees, leadership and customers) will be able to easily access the digital resources they need when they need them in a protected environment.
  3. Knowledge Management Specialist—I promote knowledge-sharing through business processes and systems by strengthening links between knowledge sharing and information technology systems.

I am a proven problem-solver who thrives on facilitating best practices in professional development, resource development and knowledge management.

Watch the video below to see more about what a Knowledge Resource Manager does:

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