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Quality Assurance & Alignment (QAAS)

Quality Assurance

For my purposes, the Quality Alignment & Assurance System (QAAS) deals with the Human Resources side of the organization.  In order to have an effective QAAS, an organization needs the following put into place:

Strategic Plan — identifies goals and actions that will be taken in order for the organization to succeed and excel.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) — these identify processes and tasks employees must take to complete specific procedures.  SOPs also identify consequences for not following the procedures and recommend solutions for leadership in dealing with personnel who do not follow the procedures or do not take corrective action.
  • Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Matrix — identifies every knowledge/skill/ability an employee needs and the level of competence needed in order for that person to satisfactorily perform his/her job.

In training, many of us use the Kirkpatrick Four-Level Training Evaluation Model for assessing if training has been valuable and productive. This model includes the following four levels of training evaluation:

  1. Reaction: measures how trainees (the people being trained), reacted to the training.
  2. Learning: measures what trainees have learned…asks “How much has their knowledge increased as a result of the training?”
  3. Behavior: evaluates how far trainees have changed their behavior, based on the training they received.
  4. Results: analyzes the final results of training; including outcomes that the organization has determined within the Strategic Plan.  It attempts to determine if the training added value for customers, is valuable for the employees, and if the training is good value added to the company as a whole (i.e. cost-to-benefit ratio).

The only way to get a level 3 or 4 evaluation is if there is a full QAAS process in place.


I can facilitate and support the organization’s leadership in the QAAS process in several ways:

KSA Matrix Development
Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Human Resources personnel, leaders and employees, I can create a knowledge/skills/abilities matrix which will identify the capabilities of each employee and their role in the company.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development
I can work with SMEs, HR personnel, industry experts and do research to assist team leaders in writing SOPs for every major process/procedures within the organization.


Strategic Plan & Action Plan Development
I use logic model formats that delineate not only what action will be taken and what  people/resources will be needed, but will offer an evaluation analytic which will specify how success will be determined in measurable, research-capable terms. 



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