I have knowledge, skills and abilities primarily in the following areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Knowledge Management and
  • Quality Assurance and Alignment Systems (QAAS)
  • Team Leadership/Management
  • Technological Expertise

Other character traits and abilities include:

  • Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing.
  • Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes.
  • Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects.
  • Planning and organizational skills with a high degree of detail orientation and focus on effectiveness and efficiency.
  • High level problem-solver who can generate workable solutions.
  • Highly adaptable, mobile, positive, resilient, risk-taker who is open to new ideas
  • Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.
  • Conscientious go-getter who is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism.











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